The Future: What Next?

Stakeholder Forum is dealing specifically with the Roundtable on Environmental Sustainability. This is an area which is increasingly recognised as the cornerstone of sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Though the phenomenon of climate change has long been observed by the scientific community, it is only in recent years that policy-makers have recognised the urgency of the issue. Indeed, even since the pledging of the Millennium Development Goals, climate change has moved significantly up the international agenda to become a priority issue.                                      

Through the consultation for the Roundtable on Environmental Sustainability, Stakeholder Forum hopes the message to decision-makers will enable us all to redouble efforts to deliver the MDGs: the inputs from stakeholders for this consultation will serve as one step in a longer-term process of mainstreaming environmental sustainability for pro-poor, and ultimately pro-people development.

As the Millennium Development Goals do not prioritise climate change as a top-line issue, and as the achievement of the targets as yet takes little consideration of the environmental constraints within which a burgeoning global population operates, Stakeholder Forum hopes that this consultation will help to identify more holistic and planet-centred ways to achieve sustainable development, and in doing so begin to chart the key priorities ‘Up to and Beyond 2015’.

As part of this wider strategy, Stakeholder Forum with the Global Campaign for Action Against Poverty and Peacechild International is co-organising a meeting on 26th September in New York with key thinkers and representatives from civil society to launch a ‘Beyond 2015’ network. The meeting will be limited to key representatives from North and South to make the initial discussions manageable. The resulting network will be open to civil society representatives from all over the world to share thinking on what the key priorities should be up to and Beyond 2015.

For more information on this process, please email Hannah Stoddart, Policy Co-ordinator at Stakeholder Forum on: hstodddart@stakeholderforum.org.