Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholder Forum is conducting a consultation with global stakeholders for the Roundtable on Environmental Sustainability, identifying the key challenges for achieving the 7th Millennium Development Goal (MDG-7), to ‘Ensure Environmental Sustainability’.

We are asking stakeholders to complete the questionnaire, which you can download along with all the necessary background information on the right. 

Building on other processes

For this consultation we will be building on the synthesis document of stakeholder inputs that was the outcome of a consultation in preparation for the UN ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review in July 2008, which also focussed on MDG-7. You can find out more about that particular consultation, and download the document at:


Secretary General's Background note

We also refer you to the Secretary General’s Background Note for the High Level Event which provides some background information on the issues concerned. We advise you to refer to the section on Environmental Sustainability on page 12. You can download this at:


MDG-7 and Water

Please note that discussions on water supply and sanitation issues will take place under the Education and Health Roundtable. However, water resources and management issues will be discussed under the Environmental Sustainability Roundtable, so Stakeholder Forum will seek input specifically on this area for the consultation.  


Stakeholder Questionnaire

Please click here to download the stakeholder questionnaire, which includes necessary instructions and background information.

Please return the completed questionnaire to mdg(at)stakeholderforum.org no later than 5th September 2008

Please also send your views to relevant decision-makers in your own government.