About the High Level Event


Having crossed the halfway point towards 2015, the deadline for achieving the MDGs, the United Nations Secretary General and the President of the UN General Assembly have jointly called for a High-Level Event on the status of the MDGs.  The meeting will take place at the UN Headquarters in New York on 25th September 2008. 

The over-arching aim of the MDG High Level Event is to bring together governments, civil society and representatives from the private sector to:

  • review the progress already made towards achieving the Goals and associated targets
  • identify policy and implementation gaps
  • produce concrete efforts, resources and mechanisms to bridge those caps. 

The meeting aims generate commitments from world leaders to ‘announce their specific plans and proposals’ and as such send a clear message to the Doha Review Conference.

Civil Society Participation

6 civil society representatives (3 from the North, 3 from the South) are being selected to take part in the 3 Roundtables – 2 representatives per Roundtable. Stakeholder Forum is not involved in this selection process, which is being administered by the United Nations non-Governmental Liaison Service (UNNGLS) and the Millennium Campaign. Stakeholder Forum will liaise with the particpants selected for the Environmental Sustainability Roundtable to ensure that the messages from the consultation are communicated on all levels. 

For more information and updates on general civil society involvement in the MDG High Level Event, please visit: www.un-ngls.org/site/article.php3






Three Roundtables will be held in parallel to the Plenary which will focus on:

  • Poverty and Hunger
  • Education and Health
  • Environmental Sustainability. 

There will be two cross-cutting themes on Gender and Global Partnerships for Development.  

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